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1.5 retinol booster
1.5 retinol booster
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100% Natural Retinol Serum

Natural retinol serum concentrate of encapsulated retinol and sylibin, a highly effective natural alternative to retinoic acid with maximum efficacy and tolerability.

The natural retinol cream offers an intense, yet gentle, renewing action that carries out a visible action in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections while improving firmness.

Free from silicones.
Free from synthetic fragrance.
96.4% natural-origin ingredients.

Recommended in case of wrinkles and imperfections to obtain rapid and visible results.

/how to use

  1. In the evening, cleanse skin and then apply some drops to the face.
  2. Follow with the cream.


Longevity Complex™: Wild Indigo, Maqui Berry, Organic Spinach and Carnosine to counteract the effects of stress and aging accelerators.

Retinol (Vitamin A) in cyclodextrins: a highly effective molecule in stimulating turnover but also extremely sensitive to light, oxygen and heat. The encapsulation in cyclodextrins, which opens in contact with the skin's enzymes , increases its stability, tolerability and bioavailability.

Sylibin in phytosomes: extarcted from Milk Thistle, it acts similarly to retinoic acid, but has no irritating effects. It stimulates the tissue regeneration and compactness, without triggering inflammatory mechanisms.Together with lecitin, a phospholipid, it generates a complex known as phytosome that increases its stability and bioavailability.

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/efficacy tests

For 90% of women more even complexion and improved skin grain**
**self-assessment test, 20 women, 28 days, application of 1.5 retinol booster, in the evening.

/mind and skin empowerment

A modern skincare approach that empowers you from inside out, working on the skin while also improving the mind, and on the mind to improve the skin.

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