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urban shield SPF 30

urban shield SPF 30

/anti-pollution UV fluid

Not Applicable


/ mind & skin empowerment

Modern plant chemistry™ formulas counteract the effects of stress, pollution and lifestyle aging for a healthier, glowing skin, for longer.

Our formulas are clinically proven to improve the mind-skin stress response, so that you look and feel your best everyday.

Our Science

/ totally sustainable packaging

CO2 neutral packaging.

100% recyclable materials: Dark stained glass; safety-certified aluminum; and green plastic (sugar-cane derived PE).

Made in Italy with 100% renewable energy.

/ natural functional aroma

Rebalancing and reinvigorating. 100% Natural Aroma.

4 Essential oils: Juniper (neurotonic); Copahu (reassuring); Rosewood (calming); Cedarwood (strengthening).

Dermatologically tested for efficacy and safety. Clinically tested as non-irritating.

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