glyco-lacto peel
glyco-lacto peel
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/imperfections concentrate

Home-care peeling treatment

At-home peeling for an effective and progressive skin renewal. Formulated with Glycolic Acid to penetrates deeply within the skin and vegetal Lactobionic Acid for a  delicate promotion of skin turnover, it leaves the skin smoother and brigher while mitigating the signs of aging.

Gel texture for easy application and removal. Ideal for sensitive skin as well.

Clean Formulation: free of silicones, ethoxylates, EDTA and acrylates.
No added fragrances.
87.5% natural-origin ingredients.

For graying and uneven complexion, in the presence of enlarged pores, superficial
wrinkles and imperfections.


/how to use

  1. In the evening, cleanse skin and apply a few pumps of Glyco-Lacto Peel to face.
  2. If too strong, reduce the application time to 5 minutes or remove the product.
  3. Rinse with water and follow with your favorite moisturizer.
  4. We recommend using an SPF during the day when treating the skin with acids.


Glycolic Acid: alpha-hydroxy acid that activates a powerful action on cell turnover, for a deep intensive renewal. It acts on the cellular junctions of the epidermis weakening the bonds between corneocytes and promoting their detachment, allowing new cells to rise to the surface for increased cell turnover.

Lactobionic Acid: it belongs to the family of bionic acids, substances that represent the evolution of alpha-hydroxy acids. It promotes a slower exfoliation integrated with an interesting antioxidant and moisturizing action, leaving the skin immediately softer and smoother. It also binds heavy metals, in particular iron, counteracting the formation of free radicals and is therefore ideal for renewing skins stressed by pollution and city life. It works in synergy with glycolic acid improving the appearance of the skin texture.

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/efficacy tests

For very sensitive skin it is recommended to moisturize the skin using a few drops of /skin regimen/ 1.85 HA Booster after using /skin regimen/ Glyco-lacto Peel.

/mind and skin empowerment

A modern skincare approach that empowers you from inside out, working on the skin while also improving the mind, and on the mind to improve the skin.

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