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box and bottle of skin regimen's illuminating lotion
illuminating lotion container
clear drop of skin regimen's all natural face lotion with black background
microalgae essence
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/energizing illuminating lotion

Illuminating Face Moisturizer

Highly concentrated illuminating moisturizer that optimally recharges and hydrates the skin countering the effects of intense lifestyle, stress and dehydration due to heating, air conditioning and travelling.

With 7 essential components of the NMF (natural moisturizing factor), an energizing unicellular microalgae and Longevity Complex™.

Natural rebalancing and reinvigorating aroma for mind and body.

Ideal every day after cleansing.

94.8% natural-origin ingredients.

Cooling texture.

Recommended for stressed, dehydrated, aging skin.

/how to use

  1. Place 2 pumps into the palm of your hands.
  2. Rub together and inhale.
  3. With light pressure, carry out patting movements with fingertips from the center of the face outwards and from the chin working upwards, until completely absorbed.


Longevity Complex™

Organic Maqui Berry

Organic Spinach

Organic Wild Indigo

Unicellular Micro-algae (Euglena Gracilis)

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/efficacy tests

+26% more hydrated skin after 1 hour.* *clinical test, instrumental measurement, 20 women, application of microalgae essence, twice a day.

/mind and skin empowerment

A modern skincare approach that empowers you from inside out, working on the skin while also improving the mind, and on the mind to improve the skin.

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