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/modern plant chemistry™

Clean, powerful formulas free of unnecessary ingredients such as silicones, synthetic fragrances and animal derivatives.

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the glow-getter

the perfect holiday gift set to erase city-gray skin and restore a glowing complexion.

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/how to get glowing skin

Read our 10 expert tips guaranteed to give you gorgeous glowing skin.

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/4-step skin regimen

We all respond to stress differently and so does our skin.

/skin regimen/ is a collection of unisex products to be mixed in a 4-step custom regimen to target the visible effects of stress and pollution – dehydration, dullness, wrinkles and breakouts  – giving you a healthy, glowing skin.

Step 1. Prepare


A gentle cleanser that clears away impurities.

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Step 2. Recharge


An essence that hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.

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Step 3. Correct


Boosters and creams that target the visible effects of stress and pollution.

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Step 4. Reset


An overnight mask that cools and detoxifies the skin.

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Designed in Italy by chemists and neuroscientists, /skin regimen/ is clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and pollution. Plant-based, highly-concentrated formulas target and correct lifestyle aging.

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“Your skin is dynamic. You have to customize what is best for you according to what’s going on in your life right now. Dietary changes, seasons, and stress – each of these changes affect your skin.” 

- Dr. Claudia Aguirre, Neuroscientist

/spa locator

Get recharged and ready to face your busy days, no matter where you are, with our Urban Longevity Facial™. Find your nearest Spa or Salon.



/skin regimen/ formulas are concentrated in powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules, and do not contain any unnecessary ingredients for the skin.


/blog: nature is all around us...

“Most people who bother to think about plants at all tend to regard them as the mute, immobile furniture of our world...

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