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fast living / slow aging

The new skincare for those with a fast-paced lifestyle and stressed skin.

/4-step regimen

We are all unique and so is our skin. For this reason, we created a collection of unisex products to be mixed in a 4-step custom regimen to target the most common imperfections caused by stress and pollution – dehydration, dullness, wrinkles and fatigue – giving you a healthy, glowing skin and a reinvigorated mind.


cleanse your skin to remove impurities.

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stimulate cell metabolism and restore optimal hydration.

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target the most common imperfections.

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eliminate toxins and rejuvenate skin while you sleep.

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No matter what you see, it is how you see it.

/mind & skin empowerment

/skin regimen/ empowers you inside and out to better face modern, fast living, so you can be the best version of yourself every day.

With our curated selection of scientific solutions, lifestyle inspiration and urban, modern culture, we help you to reconnect your inner and outer self and celebrate the richness of modern, fast living and the places we live.

Our Story

/modern plant chemistry™

We harness the most powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules to create totally functional formulas, free of synthetic fragrance, silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oils, artificial colors and parabens.

Our modern plant chemistry™ formulas counteract the effects of stress, pollution and lifestyle aging for healthier, glowing skin.

Our Science

/best sellers

cleansing cream

cleansing cream

/anti-pollution face wash

$40.00 USD

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microalgae essence

microalgae essence

/energizing illuminating lotion

$75.00 USD

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1.85 HA booster

1.85 HA booster

/hydra-plumping concentrate

$115.00 USD

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10.0 tulsi booster

10.0 tulsi booster

/nourishing protective oil

$115.00 USD

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nature is all around us - we just didn’t notice

“Most people who bother to think about plants at all tend to regard them as the mute, immobile furniture of our world—useful enough, and generally attractive, but obviously second-class citizens in...

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/macro waves sound™

Created for the /skin regimen/ Urban Longevity Facial™ and inspired by neuroscience, our macro waves sound™ composition helps you detach from everyday rhythm while retrieving the right level of energy. Visit our SoundCloud page to experience a moment of mindfulness and to discover our playlists.

/spa locator

Get recharged and ready to face your busy days, no matter where you are, with our Urban Longevity Facial™. Find your nearest Spa or Salon.

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/our ingredients

/skin regimen/ formulas are concentrated in powerful botanicals and high-tech molecules, and do not contain any unnecessary ingredients for the skin.

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